Your Yoni- Why is it important?

The Definition of Yoni –

What does Yoni mean?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for female genitalia. The word Yoni translated means “Sacred Space.” This is a term used to bring more honor and reverence to a woman’s womb and genitalia.

The source of our Feminine Power

Your Yoni is literally the source of life – both creating and giving birth to life.

She is the center of your sensuality & sexuality, and connecting you to your divine feminine energy and power.

It’s important to nurture the relationship we have with her, just like you would care for yourself.

Learning how to care for her holistically, through nutrition & wellness practices is the ultimate form of self-love!


The Importance of the Word Yoni

Is the word Yoni new to you? This word is important for every woman to know. When I refer to a woman’s genitalia or female anatomy I always use the word Yoni.

Because Yoni means “Sacred Space” it’s a word that’s absolutely lovely! And depicts how women should hold their female anatomy… in high regard. It’s neither nasty nor clinical. It sounds normal, natural and most of all the definition of it is honoring to your female genitalia.

This word can be spoken publicly without a negative connotation attached to it, quite the contrary, especially if the meaning is known. I would like to encourage you to use the word Yoni when referring to your female parts. Simply making this one change will help you to honor and love your feminine side.

When you use the word Yoni it refers to the whole of your female anatomy. Words are powerful. Using this word helps you to claim the whole your femininity as sacred.

What Does Yoni Mean For YOU?

What type of relationship do you have with your female genitalia? Take a moment to think about it. Our culture is saturated with sexual shame. And women have often been the target and scapegoat for the sexual shame that exists in our culture.

To claim your power as a woman does not mean to be like a man. It’s really to own the sacredness of who you are as a woman. And really knowing deep inside (literally) that you hold something very healing, mystical, and sacred between your legs. The fact that women give birth to a whole new human being shows the power that’s held within us.

What does Yoni mean can becomes more clear when you embrace the word and start using it in your day to day vocabulary. When talking about your female anatomy (and I suggest you do that regularly) use the word Yoni. Don’t keep her hidden or shamed.

Refer to “her” as something special and precious. Your Yoni is not to be taken casually or put in the background… especially in your intimate relationship. Your Yoni should be upfront and center state in your intimate relationship.

I want to encourage you to hold your Yoni in reverence. Give her space and a place to be held as such in your own actions and behaviors regarding “her.”

I think our society is taking a long time to learn that and my teachings are all about embodying this sacredness of our womanhood. And it starts with you claiming the sacredness of the deepest part of you… your Yoni.

Men play a part also. They too have a beautiful name for their genitalia.

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