For Shy Bodies was created for 'shy' bodies. Literally.


For Shy Bodies was created to help women deal with issues that we often times shy away from and sweep under the rug. Many women suffer from low self esteem, health issues or are not satisfied with how their bodies look.
For Shy Bodies has been created as a safe haven for women to talk about their problems and discuss ways to have the body they desire.
For Shy Bodies offers an array of products and services ranging from Body Contouring to Feminine Wellness.  Our CEO is passionate about helping other women strengthen their self-confidence and know their worth. 
She will be launching the 'Boss Babe Academy' as a part of For Shy Bodies that will encompass ebooks, online courses, in person classes and so much more! Stay tuned. Her unique spin on learning, growing and developing sets the 'Boss Babe Academy' curriculum and freebies apart from the average Courses offered.
Oh, did we mention the owner's name is Shy as well? Unique right!