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Sustain oil is used for yoni wellness. 


Jojoba oil, Tea Tree oil, Olive Oil, & infused herbs

We have updated our formula and its better than the first batch.

The proper use of pearls, steam blends, and Sweet Spot oil will effectively minimize the growth of yeast and odor issues.


  • Helps rid the yoni of bad odor
  • Can be used daily more than once
  • Works as an antibacterial
  • Assists with removing minor yeast and BV 
  • Balances pH levels 
  • Increases wetness
  • Can be used as an lubricant 
  • DO NOT USE WITH CONDOMS! It will dissolve the latex! 

Size 2 oz/ 60 ml 

Keep oil in warm environment. If oil becomes solid due to temperature, sit in warm water until it has returned to normal form.

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