Spa Excellence

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the only Black Spa Awards! The shocker is I was awarded for "Spa Excellence"! Me? What? Huh? I sat there shocked like did she say my name? lol 

Clear as day, Candace Holyfield called, Shyresha Jenkins. Yes, that's me. Shyresha Jenkins, Not Shy.  I almost forgot my name because all I hear is Shy. My name being announced, and awarded woke up a fire in me...

Wait, I have to tell you how amazing this weekend was. Don't go yet. 

Friday Night the Pajama party was a success! (Pics included)

This was ice breaker. Everyone's just made it in and getting a feel for everything.

Saturday Classes begin- 

As the speakers present, it just starts clicking for me. I have what it takes to be just as great as these women. Why am I acting 'Shy'? What am I afraid of? Being successful? and that's backwards. Scared to fail or scared to succeed, I still have to keep going. So, I'm going for the Freedom. 

Little did I know someone else saw what I hadn't realized yet. This woman has told me multiples times I have what it takes  to be at the top. But it took me being in the room to see the big picture and understand. 

I was honored the privilege to teach about Product Labeling and Ionic Detoxifications to 100s of women. Chile I was nervous this entire weekend but I kept going. I entered a new phase in my life attending this event. 

And it all started with someone seeing the bigger picture and believing in me.

Candace Holyfield Parker.

Remember that name.

This new phase requires me to show who I really am.

My name is Shyresha Jenkins.

Not Shy.

And I'm here to show you spa excellence in Memphis, TN.



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